15 TV Show Prequels That Are Actually Worth The Watch

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The only thing better than kicking back with a big, buttery bowl of popcorn to watch a killer TV series is sticking around for their even more amazing spin-offs, reboots, and prequels. While the main series gets you hooked on interesting plot lines and superb character development, the prequel series proves that even the past has drama worthy of exploring on the screen. Seriously, before Carrie Bradshaw was living in a Manhattan apartment with $40,000 worth of designer shoes, she was living at home in Connecticut with dad and sister (who's curiously missing in her later life) and slinging around an admittedly cute DIY hand-me-down from her mother. All great adventures had to start somewhere, right?

But because we know that sometimes prequel series aren’t always as promising as they may let on, we’ve compiled a list of the very best TV show prequels that are actually worth watching. Click through to see our picks, and prepare to lay in bed with your laptop all day.