20 Times Actors Weren’t Much Older Than Their TV Children

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The CW

In Hollywood, it seems like actors just cannot play their own age. There are so many actors in their twenties who play teenagers in movies and on TV. Then there are actors will don a ton of prosthetics and makeup just to play a character 20 years older than they really are.

And in the case of on-screen parent/child duos who are freakishly close in age, both actors are just a bit too far off from their characters' age to make the age difference believable — aka the people playing parent and children are less than 15 years apart. Sure, we've seen 15-year-old pregnancy happen in real life, but some of these actors have less than a one year age gap! While some TV parents are pretty obviously not old enough to play their on-screen kid's mom/dad — others will seriously shock you!