25 Heartbreaking TV Deaths We May Never Recover From

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Imagine that someone punched you square in the gut while you were suffering from a stomach ache. Now, imagine that this person also ripped your heart right out of your chest and easily crushed it. It sounds like a pretty brutal beat down, but in all truth, this is what it feels like to watch our favorite TV characters die.

It's no secret that we all connect with fictional characters on a personal level. Since we identify with their flaws and see bits of ourselves in them, we often grow to love and respect these characters as we would our own loved ones IRL. So when we're forced to see them suffer such a terrible fate on screen, it cuts us pretty deep. It feels like the world is ending and our souls are basically shattered to tiny pieces — not to be dramatic. Basically, nothing can make the world collectively lose their sh*t quite like a major plot twist that involves the death of a beloved fictional character.

See all the shocking TV deaths that we're still not over to this day. (FYI: Keep in mind that there are major spoilers ahead! So if you're not all caught up on these shows, then you might want to proceed with caution!!)