17 TV Co-Stars Who are BFFs On-Screen and Behind the Scenes

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Sure, we’re obsessed with certain fictional relationships in both television shows and movies, but friendships can be even better. Hanna and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars? Cute. Hanna and Emily? Lifelong BFFs that are the foundation for all of our #FriendshipGoals. The only thing that we, as invested fans of everything revolving around those characters, love more than a close-knit on-screen friendship is an off-screen friendship that is even stronger.

From being the BFF they go in during to tough times, to being the bridesmaids or groomsmen at each other's weddings or the godparent to one another's children, we can’t get enough of these celeb besties. Take a seat, grab a snack, and prepare to say ‘awwwwwwww‘ with us as we showcase some of our favorite former (and current!) co-stars who are best friends IRL.

1. Sophie Turner and Masie Williams from Game of Thrones


Okay, okay, so Sansa and Arya might not be the best of friends on-screen, but the Game of Thrones actresses, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams make up for it IRL. Take a look at either of their social media accounts and cute photos of them are sure to be at the top of their feed. These pics basically breathe life into us when times get tough.
Need further proof of their best friendship? They even got matching tattoos that read ’07.08.09’ on their forearms — which is the date that both of them found out they were cast on the show. They've been together through it all and we've got a feeling that this friendship was meant to last.