17 TV Characters Who Definitely Didn’t Deserve to Die

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When it comes to our favorite TV shows, a sad fact is that not every character is going to make it to the series finale. Just like in real-life, death is a tragic reality and we don’t get to escape it on television either. Sometimes these TV show deaths are completely unexpected and we are all left shellshocked. Other times, we can see a death coming from the first episode. No matter how dramatic, sad, expected, or out of the blue the deaths might be, TV viewers are always taken aback.

There are so many reasons why a character might die on a show. If the TV show is based on a book, they could be meeting the same fate as their source material. (Though let's face it, book adaptations are usually nothing like what they were based on.) Other times, deaths occur because an actor decided to leave their show (we’re looking at you, Patrick Dempsey). A lot of times, though, deaths simply happen as a way to add a new dramatic dimension to a show. Whatever the reason may be, these characters did not deserve to die, or didn't deserve to die yet at least!

Be warned: there are spoilers ahead for characters who have died on TV shows that are still on air!