The Dowager Countess And Other TV Characters I Will Be Drinking With While I Ring In The New Year

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Since I have to work for corporate America on New Year's Eve and I'm sure I'll still be recuperating from the Black Plague I caught for Christmas (because I'm a pussy), I will be at home while ringing in 2013.  I also have to be pretty intoxicated to tolerate the New Year's Eve countdowns, because there's only so much glitter/shouting/lip-synching a girl can take.

Thus, I have decided to catch up on some of my favorite TV shows and celebrate the new year while drinking with at least five of my favorite characters.  That doesn't count as “drinking alone” on my moral compass, so I'm cool with it.  While everyone else is sloshing around in 5-inch heels, bumping uglies and elbows on the dance floor, and wearing their best button-downs, I'll be having a blast with characters I wish were real so we could be friends.


(Lead photo: Tumblr)