16 Supporting TV Characters Who Deserved More Screen Time

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There are plenty of TV shows that are great because of their lead characters (let’s be real, we all know The Office would be totally different without Steve Carell as Michael Scott). But many times, it’s the supporting TV characters that help take a show from good to great.

Whether these characters were destined to be great from the start or their actors really took their roles to the next level, some of these TV characters are simply too good to go unrecognized. But too many times, a great supporting character doesn’t get enough opportunities to truly shine on-screen. While we’ll always love big-name stars playing famous roles, we can’t forget about the actors who played small TV roles that were just as great (if not, even better). While it’s impossible to make sure each TV character gets their fair share of time on screen, there are some who simply didn’t get enough time on the camera as they should have.