18 Supporting TV Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Show

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There are particular shows that are made infinitely better by their supporting characters. The Mary Tyler Moore Show had Rhoda and Will & Grace had Karen. You know these characters. The ones that always interrupt with the best lines, the ones who charm you, the ones who kind of make the show worth watching. Then there are supporting characters written with so much complexity and growth that you want to learn more than just the tidbits you get as they sit on the sidelines of the episode. These are the kinds of characters fan-fiction was made for. They're the ones you need to know more of. What's their backstory? What don't we know about them? What's life like from their perspective?

Within the past 10 years, television has stepped it up with its storytelling, writing and acting. With streaming services and DVR, catching up on your favorite show or discovering a new show is more accessible than ever. As a result, we want more. And if there's one thing we want more of, it's these characters with a spin-off of their own.