10 TV Character New Year’s Resolutions (Probably)

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It's that time of year, when everyone starts breaking their New Year's resolutions to hit up the gym or eat more kale or start meditating, and it got me thinking — what kind of resolutions would some of TV's best characters make? We don't get to see their New Year's plans that often, what with winter sweeps and all, but we doubt they're as interested in things like keeping their blood pressure low as they are about, say, staying alive during an apocalypse or not going to prison…

Annalise KeatingHow To Get Away With Murder

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“Find a new rug for the sitting room.”

Eugene Porter, The Walking Dead

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“Be more truthful. Also, learn how to fight from Rick and Daryl.”

Dandy MottAmerican Horror Story: Freak Show

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“Stock up on red and white make-up.”

Tywin Lannister, Game of Thrones

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“Start locking the bathroom door.”

Tina BelcherBob's Burgers

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“Accept that Jimmy Jr. doesn't deserve me.”

Ilana GlazerBroad City

Ilana Wexler GIFIlana Wexler GIF


“Stop eating shellfish, no matter how delicious it is.”

Hannibal LecterHannibal

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“Actually kill Will Graham (but not before the greatest game of cat-and-mouse ever).”

Sherlock HolmesSherlock

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“Don't play tricks on John.”

Alison HendrixOrphan Black

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“Organize a field day for Clone Club. (Force Felix to help.)”

Norman BatesBates Motel

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“Research local psychiatrists and look into voluntary ankle monitors.”