6 TV Casts Who Look The Most Different Out Of Costume

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Harry Potter who are you


Sometimes you see your favorite TV actors on the red carpet or out and about in their everyday lives, and you're not really fazed by it beyond judging their wardrobe as you sit at home in your pajamas. Sure, they might be wearing a bit more makeup than their character usually wears, and their clothes might look a little more upscale, but for the most part they look the same.

Then there are TV casts who show up for a red carpet and you scream, “What is this witchcraft? Who are you people? That's not what you're supposed to look like. Stop that this instant.” It's that rare type of TV cast from a period piece or a fantasy or just a show that strips them of all glamour, and when they get that glamour back, it's disorienting. These are their stories. Viewer discretion advised.

1. Game Of Thrones

game-of-thrones-cast-ew "Game Of Thrones" Season 4 New York Premiere - Arrivals(Entertainment Weekly/Getty Images)

What do you mean Daenerys is a brunette in real life? And WHERE ARE HER DRAGONS? Why does Joffrey look so pleasant and approachable? This isn't right.

2. Orange Is The New Black

orange-is-the-new-black-cast-21 the-cast-of-orange-is-the-new-black-paleyfest-october-2013

(Facebook/Getty Images)

So you're telling me they don't wear those prison uniforms outside of the show? Next thing we know you'll be telling me real-life Pennsatucky's teeth don't really look like that. Wait… what?!

3. Downton Abbey


"Downton Abbey" Season Four Cast Photo Call

(Facebook/Getty Images)

Dear me, this is most alarming. Lady Mary is exposing her knees. It looks as if Lady Edith has taken a straightener to her hair. Where is Mrs. Patmore's apron? Thomas is out of uniform. This is an outrage! I must ring the bell until a servant can come explain this to me.

4. Mad Men

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 1.04.23 PM 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

 (AMC/Getty Images)

Their hair is so relaxed! It actually looks like it would move if you touched it! And the men are actually… scruffy? No, it can't be. And who told Sally she could wear heels?

5. The Walking Dead

the-walking-dead-characters AMC's "The Walking Dead" at Comic-Con

(Facebook/Getty Images)

Those clothes look like they've been recently laundered, and they're not covered in zombie guts and dirt. Their hair looks… clean? Don't even get me started on how impractical those shoes are for running from walkers.

6. Vikings

vikings-season2-promo History's "Vikings" Panel And Reception

(Facebook/Getty Images)

Well, this is all wrong. Sure they have the beards, but those suits are very impractical. Where are their weapons and furs and general badassness? This won't do at all.