TV Stars Who Want to Do a Reboot of Their Show

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Between Clarissa Explains It All, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Charmed, tons of beloved classics are jumping on the reboot bandwagon. And now, in the Golden Age of TV revivals, it seems like several actors are being asked if they'd want to return to the small screen to reprise their old characters. Some have dismissed the idea, arguing that a reboot would feel forced and possibly ruin a good show, and others have revealed that their conflicting schedules could make a reunion way too difficult. However, this hasn't stopped other cast members from hinting at the fact that they'd do a revival in a heartbeat.

While some actors have expressed interest, others have actually gone as far as working with show creators to try and revive the project. But the process of it all, which includes getting a solid script, reuniting the entire cast, and getting the okay from the network, isn't so easy. Even so, these cast members have made it pretty clear that they're still willing to bring back the old-school gems. See which actors are ready for a TV reboot.