16 On-Screen BFFs Who Not-So-Secretly Hated Each Other

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Friendships can be tricky. It can be hard to stand by someone when they’re making decisions that you don’t agree with or to show up for them when they’ve been neglecting you for weeks. Even some of our favorite on-screen BFF’s (who all live in perfectly scripted worlds) go through their ups and downs. Like when Charlotte didn’t talk to Miranda for weeks after Miranda had announced her intentions to have an abortion, or when Joey started avoiding Chandler after he overheard Chandler describing the bracelet he had gifted him as tacky.

If that doesn’t make you feel better about the rocky waters your friendships sometimes go through then this should: many of the actors and actresses who portray those iconic best friends on our TV screens didn’t actually get along in real life. In fact, some of them flat out hated each other. Here’s a look at 16 on-screen BFF's who not-so-secretly hated each other. These are the ones who could hardly shoot a scene together, let alone go for happy hour after work.