16 TV Adaptations Completely Different From The Books They’re Based On

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The ideal TV adaptation of a book series would be to keep everything as is, but unfortunately, the small screen doesn't work that way. Structural changes are kind of a must to make sure it flows well on TV and has the longevity it needs to last several seasons on the air. In many cases, shows that are adapted from a standalone title have to reconfigure the entire plot to make it more worthy of an on-screen series. And often we see screenwriters inserting more characters from the beginning to ensure that the TV series can run for a long time without running out of material. But that's not the only way a story changes when given the small screen treatment.

As much as we'd love for show creators to remain as true to the books as possible, we can't help but appreciate some of the tweaks they make that breath new life into the characters we once fell in love with on the page!