Tupac’s Sex Tape Proves He’s Quite The Efficient Multitasker

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The legacy of Tupac just keeps growing and growing. The latest thing to surface from the (probably!) deceased artist isn't an unreleased song, though — it's an unreleased sex tape, taken at a party in 1991.

Allegedly, the sex tape shows Tupac walking into a room with his pants down, pulling a woman towards him, and receiving a blow job. All the while, he's rapping along to a song of his that plays in the background, holding a cocktail in one hand and a joint in the other. At one point, rapper Money B from Digital Underground comes up to Tupac. Tupac puts his arm around Money's shoulder while continuing to perform and receive head. Also, the whole time he's doing calculus problem sets.

Apparently the folks over at TMZ have seen the tape, which will be released soon. The whole thing is five-minutes long and ends with Tupac preparing to have sex with his unnamed co-star. Well done, Tupac — wherever you are.