[UPDATE] Tucker Max Proves You Can Pay Celebrities To Tweet Whatever You Want

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 UPDATE  Tucker Max Proves You Can Pay Celebrities To Tweet Whatever You Want Snooki Tweet 640x223 png


MOST RECENT UPDATE:  After speaking with SponsoredTweets.com, clearing up their approval process and reflecting on what Tucker Max really did, I’ve written this post explaining how Tucker Max tricked the Internet into promoting his book.

UPDATED: Apparently Tucker Max’s tweets were REJECTED by SponsoredTweets.com before they were even published for ethics violations. In an effort to drum up publicity for his book he created screenshots that looked like real tweets.

Up until just a few minutes ago, I had nothing positive to say about Tucker Max. He’s  misogynistic asshole who’s gotten famous by being a giant dick. However, for the first time ever his douchebaggery did something positive. His Sponsored Tweets book marketing campaign hilariously exposed just how fake celeb’s sponsored tweets really are as well as the lengths they’ll go to make money.

In an effort to do some social media marketing for his upcoming book, Hilarity Ensues, he headed on over to Sponsored Tweets. According to Forbes:  The company offers a surprisingly easy-to-use service “that allows advertisers to pay powerful Twitter users to run promotions for them. The more followers, the more money: Kim Kardashian can run $10,000, Lance Bass is only $133.”

Skipping over the fact that anyone would pay Lance Bass anything to tweet is the fact that you can actually pay for celebrities to say whatever you want them to say. Literally, almost anything you want them to say. Unless of course you’re Tucker Max and you violate their ethics policy and get banned before any celebrity can tweet your endorsement.

In an effort to get publicity for his upcoming book release, Tucker Max attempted to take full advantage of the system. So much advantage in fact that his wildly inappropriate tweets for several celebs got him banned from ever using the service again before any of the tweets were even published.  (Check them all out right here.) [tagbox tag=”twitter”]

For some reason they weren’t thrilled to see Kim Kardashian tweet: “Someone handed me Tucker Max’s new book. I did what I do with all big black things I get my hands on:  I put it inside my vagina.”

Your options on the the homepage of Sponsored Tweets today include:

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian,  P.Diddy,  Kris Jenner,  Snooki,  Nick Cannon,  Tyrese,  Jamie Oliver and the most heartbreaking, Michael Ian Black. (I really thought he was better than that.)

Like, really? You’ll hand over control of your Twitter account to a company that lets anyone with a credit card and an approved tweet endorse things for you. Do you have any concept of  pride or dignity? Do you even read your own Twitter feed?

So why are you still reading? Go get your credit card out and go crazy. It’s not everyday you can make Snooki tell everyone to add you on Pinterest.