TrustoCorp’s Fake Gossip Magazines Are Amazing Street Art

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Can you tell which of these covers are fake? They're the ones with extra-lurid colors and headlines that any well-informed pop culture fan would know are untrue, though entirely possible. “Urban collective” TrustoCorp is behind this guerilla art project: They sneaked these faux-covers into newsstands in New York, Hollywood, and both towns' major airports.

We love Banksy‘s high-minded stuff, but sometimes we need our street art to be a scathing commentary on our obsession with celebrities and their flaws. You know that if they could, TrustoCorp would do the same with blogs — except that we (as the celebrity-obsessed public) have a pesky tendency to believe that everything online is real, so that would turn out to be more shitshow than prank.

Click here to see the fake covers living side-by-side with their real tabloid cousins, plus high-res versions of the three covers.