Trust Us With Your Life Fails At Bringing in Actual Celebrities

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Last night Trust Us With Your Life gave us another night of double episodes. I don't understand why because this is a show I can tolerate for 30 minutes, but not for an hour. The first episode's “celebrity” who trusted the improvisers with his life was Mark Cuban. A few months ago, I would have no idea who that was, but since I'm a die-hard Kardashian fan, I know that he owns the Dallas Mavericks, which was Lamar Odom‘s team for a few months this past year until he got sent to the Clippers. Look at me knowing sports!

Did you guys know Mark Cuban used to be a bouncer and had a gun pulled on him? Or that he became a millionaire at the age of 29? Did you care? Me neither. I would be more into this show if they brought on actual celebs with a juicy past for the improvisers to reenact. Like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. I would love to see Wayne Brady‘s take on the umbrella car smash.

In the second episode, the celebrity was Ricky Gervais (who was on the British version of The Office, but I know him best from pissing off tons of celebs at The Golden Globes). We learn that Ricky's full name is Ricky Dene Gervais, and Dene is spelled weird because his dad was drunk.

Apparently there are only eight episodes of this show. I feel like it could probably retain more viewers if it only gave us one episode a week (and it would have a longer run, instead of four weeks, it would be on for eight weeks). I wanted to turn it off halfway through the second episode because it all starts seeming the same. Same jokes, same stories from the “celebrities.” I just feel like the show is very bland right now and needs some spicing up or after the show's four week run, we will never see it again.

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