Thoughts On Trust Us With Your Life From Someone Who Did Improv In College

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Last night Who's Line Is It Anyway 2 Trust Us With Your Life premiered on ABC. While it was a two-episode premiere, I think we all would have been okay with one episode. This is the kind of show you need to watch in small doses. Each week the show has a special “celebrity” guest who talks about their life with Fred Willard. Then the improvisors improvise a scene based on their life.

In the first episode, Serena Williams talks about how she was a princess during childhood. When the improvsiors started their scene…I had a problem. Fred Willard told them which characters they would play, when they would enter the scene, what happens during the scene and when it takes place. If someone gave me all that information before scenes when I did improv in college, I wouldn't have had a panic attack before every show. However, Wayne Brady is really good at rapping on the spot. Or was he? Improv is all about commitment, so when he began to rap and started throwing in some dance moves, I was too busy laughing to even listen to his raps.

Toward the end, they added Serena to one of the scenes…..I'm pretty sure they told her she would be doing this before the show because she was calm and any normal person would have peed their pants.

On the second episode, Jack Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne told viewers about their lives (since we didn't watch them grow up on reality TV or anything…). When did Jack Osbourne start looking hot??? Also, when was this filmed because Kelly's hair is blonde and not gray or purple. Is it bad that listening to the Osbournes talk about how Kelly cock-blocked Jack when he would bring girls home was more entertaining than the improvisors on this episode? They need to stick with more boring guests (Serena Williams) to make the improvisors look hilarious.

At the end of the second episode, Jack and Kelly had to get on stage and perform much like Serena did. They did a pretty good job, and made me wish The Osbournes was still on the air instead of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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