The 17 Best Tweets From When The True Detective Finale Broke HBOGo Last Night

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True Detective Woody Harrelson asking Matthew McConaughey you get any sleep last night GIF(via)

I'm not someone who's typically prone to hyperbole, but True Detective broke HBOGo last night and it was literally THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD.

I don't even watch, but the internet is telling me that my life is essentially ruined, and since they've never been wrong before, I'm proceeding with the understanding that everything is different, nothing will ever be the same, etc. No but seriously, it must have really sucked. Last night was the show's highly-anticipated finale, and there were so many people watching that it overloaded the system, shutting it down for upwards of four hours in some areas.

It was a dark time for the internet, but they quickly rallied and turned to Twitter to share their reactions and huddle together for comfort. Here are the best of those reactions — with zero spoilers of course, because I'm not a total dick.

Okay I'm a little bit of a dick. But who really gets the channel HBO anymore?


What a pipe dream.

This is what I'm saying!

Yes, absolutely that was what I was trying to do last night. Can't believe everyone else had the same idea.


Oh so we're just being big jerks to each other now?

Yes, Saucony. My previous plan was watching HBOGo in my pajamas, but let me absolutely throw on some running shoes and go get mugged in my neighborhood.

Going straight to the source. Smart.


Yeah this really helps me out with trawling Twitter for a round-up, as well. Ain't nobody seen the show, so nothing can get ruined for me!

Your actions have consequences!!!!

Contact your families. Stay indoors. Keep calm.

He's probably posting on Twitter just as furiously as you are, under the secret account he uses for live-tweeting.


Hey look, it's Matthew McConaughey‘s hero! (Him from an indeterminate time in the future. You get it.)