19 True Crime Podcasts All Murderinos Should Listen To

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Not sure if you’ve heard, but true crime is all the rage right now. With TV shows like Making a Murderer and The Keepers pulling in big audiences on Netflix, it shouldn’t exactly be shocking info that people (a 2010 study shows women in particular!) are pretty much obsessed with everything related to mysterious disappearances and dead bodies. Call me a Debbie-downer — but the entertainment value in murder, kidnapping and assault is nothing new… Law and Order: SVU has been keeping it real on NBC since 1999, and O.J. Simpson’s murder trial is STILL being talked about 23 years later.

Our days are full of moments where we can’t be watching TV but are looking to find a way to get engrossed in a story. Long drives are usually accompanied by your latest music obsession and the evening commute is usually spent with a book-in-hand. Looking to spice things up a little? That’s where these podcasts come in. If you’re a true true crime junky or identify with the term “Murderino,” then these 19 podcasts are sure to do the trick. **P.S. No, Serial is not on this list because we already know that you've listened to it.**

Obsenely obvious warning: the stories in some of these podcasts are seriously disturbing.