16 Intriguing True Crime Documentaries You Can Stream Now

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2. Mommy Dead Dearest, Stream on HBO


Ooooh boy, you are in for a ride with this one. Gypsy Rose Blanchard grew up thinking she was a severely sick child. She used a wheelchair, she had a feeding tube and even received gifts and special trips because of her cancer diagnosis. The twist is that she was healthy the entire time and her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard made up the illnesses and psychologically abused her daughter into believing she was actually sick. Dee's condition is called Munchausen syndrome by proxy and it's when a parent gets so much attention from having a sick child that they actually want to make their kid sick.

Dee Dee was so manipulative, controlling and abusive that Gypsy actually plotted her mother's murder with her boyfriend at the time. The documentary gives viewers a glimpse into Gypsy’s unbelievable life and leaves you feeling for a young woman whose only choice was murder.