Trevor Donovan Downgrades from ‘90210’ to Playing a Ken Doll

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It still doesn't make sense that Trevor Donovan is leaving 90210 after he had the show's most compelling plotline last year: Tennis pro and playboy Teddy came out of the closet in storylines that were shocking and realistically awkward. So far, the only thing Donovan has said about his post-90210 career is that he's looking forward to “opportunities and adventures.” But if the rumors are true that he's in the running to play Barbie's beau Ken in a live-action movie, then quitting the show for movie roles like this seems like a poor career choice.

E! Online reports that the producers behind Dreamgirls are looking to make a live-action Barbie movie, and that they've already met with Donovan and consider him a frontrunner. He certainly looks the part: Muscular, blond, chiseled jaw. But that's what made Teddy so fascinating: He looked (and acted, for a season or two) like a typical straight, popular guy, only to reveal that behind the handsome face was a lot of confusion and fear. Ken seems like an empty role: At one point he was the symbol of utter manliness, but he's got nothing going on upstairs.

Unless… Ken is gay too! There have been countless jokes and SNL skits about it; the producers could do well to play along with what we're all already thinking.

Donovan will be returning to 90210 for a few episodes in the beginning of the season, so we'll be able to properly say goodbye to Teddy.

The one project that Donovan has been confirmed on, according to his IMDb page, is Savages: Rival pot growers Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) team up after their “shared girlfriend” O (Blake Lively) gets kidnapped. Donovan plays a guy named Matt, joining an ensemble that includes Emile Hirsch, Uma Thurman, and John Travolta. This new career path we can get behind.