Webcomic Reimagines Shooting Victim Trayvon Martin As Spider-Man, Granting Him Some Dignity In Death

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One of the most ridiculous details from the tragic shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is that his George Zimmerman — who shot Martin in what he claims was self-defense — felt threatened because Martin was wearing a hoodie. The youth didn't appear to have a weapon or to be acting in a threatening manner, and yet Zimmerman racially profiled him all the same.

Martin's lawyers, as well as protesters holding vigils pleading for justice, have all adopted the innocuous gray hoodie as a symbol of their solidarity. And now, it's made its way into the comics world. Tor.com noticed this strip from webcomic Let's Be Friends Again, which draws on half-black, half-Latino Spider-Man Miles Morales to drive home the point that you never know what kind of person is beneath a hoodie.

And it could very well be that more often the stranger is a good guy instead of a threat.

Let's Be Friends webcomic Spider-Man Miles Morales Trayvon Martin commentary

Kudos to creators Curt Franklin and Chris Haley for this tribute and social commentary. Rest in peace, Trayvon.