Regina Spektor Writes About Trayvon Martin On Facebook, Immediately Gets Reminded That People Are The Worst

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Regina Spektor Writes About Trayvon Martin On Facebook  Immediately Gets Reminded That People Are The Worst Regina Spektor MTV Music Awards 20121 jpgWhat happened this weekend at the Trayvon Martin murder trial’s a tragedy. While I won’t go into depth on my feelings on a fun light-hearted celebrity site, I will say that I’m horrified by the verdict and I’m even more horrified by the racist comments I saw all over the Internet again and again and again since George Zimmerman got off. Word to the wise: never read the comment sections on major news sites. No amount of  “restore your faith in humanity articles” will accomplish the task. I’ve lost all hope in us.

It looks like singer Regina Spektor had the same experience as me this weekend when she expressed her feelings about the verdict. Like many people she shared her disbelief and sorrow over the present state of affairs in our country.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Trayvon Martin… and to all the people wondering how one man can kill another- for nothing- and go free… Trayvon’s life had value and there was no justice served

And because of that short and sweet message, she got attacked by her own fans. While I usually don’t like to copy and paste large chunks of text, I think her response to all the haters is just about perfect.

I keep forgetting what voicing my immediate reaction to the events of the world does. When I wrote I was happy that Obama got re-elected people literally told me to die. That is insanity, truly. I understand that the Trayvon Martin trial is a hot button issue but this is a Facebook page- it’s for writing. If you think I should shut up and sing (by definition an impossible act:-) then perhaps you should just not upset yourself, spare your blood pressure, and unlike this page. Also feel free to only listen to music by people you agree with. It’s all good! There’s room enough for everyone in this world and moments like these are a great opportunity for people to find some new places to like or unlike.

I definitely am amazed
that some people who listen to my music are this aggressive and negative but it’s good to remember that we can connect in one way but have completely different perspectives in another. I don’t mind discourse that is intelligent (and I’m not claiming what I say is always intelligent, but I try… And I try not to be mean.) The thing I mind most is pure aggressive hate towards other people on this page- and towards me. It’s so simple to just not be here that the bile filled ones can easily unlike my page without leaving a trail of disgusting words as they exit. I appreciate everyone who listens to my music but I will always voice my opinions in interviews, on my own Facebook, and other social media as long as I run it. It is not just here to sell you things and it is not run by companies. It’s just here for me to connect to listeners in different ways. Sometimes it’s art, sometimes it’s opinions. Good luck to us all- and remember- just because I have an opinion you don’t agree with, it doesn’t mean that you can write hateful things to me or tell me to just sing. We are all in this together and hate is never the answer.
Take care and all the best,

Not only does she address the fact that you NEVER need to like a page that makes your blood boil, but also that artists are allowed to have opinions in addition to talent. It’s not a one or the other deal. I mean sometimes it is — I have many more opinions than talents — but it doesn’t always have to be an either/or situation. While it’s completely acceptable to disagree with those opinions (although I don’t really find not liking black people to be a valid opinion), it’s not okay to attack people who disagree with you. I’m all about having some civil discourse and talking about the touchy topics. But the keyword in this whole diabtribe is civil.

Also, I do have to add that I like when my favorite celebrities have opinions. It lets me know where they stand on important issues and if I want my money going toward their causes. While I enjoyed Regina’s Spektor’s music before this, I’m now happy to say that I’m a big fan of Regina Spektor herself.

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