TravelShorts PWNed London’s Comic-Con, (Unless You Have Better)

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While the rest of you sucker's are in San Diego to hear Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams speak on the same panel (J.J. + J.! You nerds.) about hard sci-fi vampires or something, this dude TravelShorts on Flickr has already posted the best photo ever taken at a Comic convention. (Sorry, Adrianne Curry.)

We didn't even know London had its own Comic-Con, but now that we think about it, it makes sense. Neil Gaiman! Alan Moore (who definitely wouldn't show up)! Warren Ellis! And for some reason, Mike Tyson, Jeff Goldblum, and d'uh, William Shatner, who our new best friend made sure to Glamor Shots with. Our only question is: How can William Shatner be at two Comic-Cons in the same month? Obviously, because he is William Shatner.

Then again, if you have any better pics of yourself at this year's Comic-Con, you can try to beat the world champion here. Send us your submissions here.

(Via: Unreality Mag)