We Just Found One Direction’s Trashiest Fan

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After a death-threat filled week here at Crushable (compliments of Jonas Brothers fans), I feared that the fun would stop when the weekend started. So I debated on how to keep the fun tweets coming. Could putting the words “trashiest” and “One Direction” in the same post work the same wonders?

Would it be enough to encourage people to send me heartwarming messages like this one?

Or this one?

Let's find out in this grand experiment called what happens when fans get Google alerts about the men they worship!

So this morning, while reading The New York Times and rereading Atlas Shrugged, I came across this story about a One Direction fan so devoted to meeting the boys that she hid in a trash can for four hours. Obviously making her One Direction's trashiest fan ever. (Does everyone see what I did there?)

I suppose she hoped that the trash can would be brought into the area where the boys were staying so she could jump out at an opportune time and surprise them with her devotion, love and fresh trash scent. Unfortunately she got caught before she even got close enough to them to say, “did you ever develop weird feelings for Oscar the Grouch as a child?”

An anonymous source close to the boys says this trashy stunt isn't even surprising to them. People are doing whatever it takes to meet Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.

 “The methods fans are using are getting more ingenious. Some have been regularly booking out rooms in their hotel – some even tried to dress up as staff.”

Just goes to show you that One Direction fans are down to do anything to meet the boys. Hopefully, for my inbox, that includes sending death threats. I know it's illogical. But so is sending death threats via a public Twitter account.