Trailer Recap: ‘Like Crazy’

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Our new Trailer Recap feature gives attention to movie trailers we think warrant in-depth analysis. This time, we address Like Crazy, the upcoming Sundance darling that stars Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin.

This video is either the trailer for a romantic film about young people or a viral ad for an antidepressant; it's impossible to be sure. We begin on Young People Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin, who appear to be in the throes of the particular type of romance that blossoms in dining halls and library tables and twin-size beds. They both seem the dreamy sort. Anton asks, “Would you mind reading me something?”

“What do you want me to read?”

“Something you wrote.”

So Felicity begins to read a passage about her relationship with Anton, and she speaks in the cadence of Virginia Woolf giving dictation to a lazy cat. She says things like, “I thoughtt I understood ittt, but I didn’tttttt.”

Perhaps she’s reading a series of Facebook status updates? During this voice over, we see a montage of fun date things:

Felicity Jones and @Anton Yelchin are riding bumper cars!

Felcity Jones and @Anton Yelchin had a great day at the beach!

Felicity is in a relationship with Anton Yelchin.

The youngsters canoodle in bed: under the covers, yet still perfectly lit up in glowing orange tones, which makes me wonder why the hell my stupid college dorm had horrible fluorescent lights that made the already arduous task of trying to fuck in a tiny bed in the brief window of time when my roommate was off begging for an extension on a paper even more aesthetically unappealing. Anyway, back to lo lovelorn pair: Anton whispers an unintelligible question to Felicity. It sounds like, “What are we gonna do chaslkjdjhdskjh?”

Felicity’s response is, “Don’t think about it,” and from that I’ve deduced several possibilities for what Anton’s mumbled line was:

“What are we gonna do for dinner?”

“What are we gonna do about the famine in Mogadishu?”

“What are we gonna do when we run out of Prozac?”

It was probably that last one, actually, and it seems like they did not, in fact, think about it. Felicity –apparently now far off in London — places a call to Anton. She’s crying. He’s crying. She’s sobbing. Depression hurts.

Next up, there’s some voice over and some more shots of our heartbroken pair. It appears they’re now reciting a text message conversation:

Anton: What have you been doing?

Felicity: Waiting for you.

Anton: Oh my god, your iPhone must have autocorrected a response that makes you sound like a non-psychotic, functional human into that thing you just sent that makes me worry you’re currently standing outside my bedroom window with a hacksaw. Stupid iPhone 🙂

However, in the next sequence, the kids are back together and no one has been hacksawed. Though they do they have the, “Should we see other people?” discussion. In response, Anton stares at the wall and Felicity stares at the sink. Prozac can help.

But it hasn’t yet. Felicity begins dictating to her cat again: “I thought I understood it, but I didn’t. Not really. Only the smudginess of it. The eagerness of it. The idea of ittttt.”

Felicity Jones is feeling sad.

Felicity Jones and @Anton Yelchin are taking a bubble bath!

Felicity Jones just danced in the street with @Anton Yelchin, so we’ll probably be in love forever.