Tracy Morgan Was Hospitalized At Sundance

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This morning at the Sundance Film Festival, held in Park City, Utah Tracy Morgan collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

Tracy had just gotten an award at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards ceremony, and after accepting the honor he left the building and passed out outside.

While some are alleging Tracy looked drunk when he got his award his rep is denying any alcohol abuse rumors saying, “He [Tracy] is with his fiance and grateful to the Park City Medical Center for their care. Any reports of Tracy consuming alcohol are 100 percent false.”

If not alcohol what did cause the actor to drop? Apparently a combination of “exhaustion and altitude,” which seems like a fresh take on the normal straight exhaustion line. But if all the actors at the festival are packing in film premieres and parties late into the night at the same height above sea level as Tracy why aren't all the celebs at Sundance dropping like the people in the opening of The Stand?

The hospital treating Tracy confirmed the rep's statements, saying he wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he was admitted.

Cuba Gooding Jr. has also come out to say Tracy is doing fine, having gotten the update from some of Tracy's friends (who I have to picture as Grizz and Dot Com).

Here's hoping Tracy makes a quick recovery.