Watching Tracy Morgan Shout Thanksgiving Things At You Is The Best Way To Prepare For Thursday

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Tracy Morgan Thanksgiving Things video Late Night

Have you properly prepared, mentally and emotionally and stomach-wise, for Thanksgiving? It's in a couple of days so you best be ready. I know I'm starting to stress out because I'm not sure I have enough sweater changes prepared and ready to go for all the times I spill gravy and cranberry sauce and various other drippy food items onto my chest. I also have to listen to two Christmas songs a day in the week leading up to Thanksgiving so that when I start hear them nonstop beginning this Friday, I won't break something out of anger. This video of Tracy Morgan saying 28 Thanksgiving-y things certainly helps with the preparation.

Tracy stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to do what he does best: shout nonsense. If you've been going through 30 Rock withdrawal since February and have been wishing Tracy Jordan would just act weird for your enjoyment again, have no fear. Tracy Morgan legally is Tracy Jordan, so it all works out. At first glance, this video should not be funny, but by the end of it I was enjoying myself way too much. I didn't count how many Thanksgivinvg-y things Tracy actually says, but it sure does sound like more than 28. That might just be because he goes off on tangents for some of them. For instance, you might be a little scandalized by what Lucy from Charlie Brown is up to these days.

If you're going to a Thanksgiving get-together and are expected to bring something festive with you, might I suggest transcribing Tracy's list, having it embroidered onto a cozy pillow, and presenting it to your host? It really is a new kind of poetry. I propose that Tracy does this for every holiday, even Arbor Day. It would certainly teach me a lot about that criminally under-publicized day. Gobble gobble. That's turkey for “Watch this video.”