Watching Tracy Morgan Act Crazy On Jimmy Fallon Makes Me Miss 30 Rock All Over Again

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Tracy Morgan Comedy Awards April 2012

It's been a couple of months since 30 Rock officially ended its seventh and final season. And although I was sad at the time, I told myself it was best for the show to end on a high note, and I came to terms with it. But last night Tracy Morgan went on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and started acting like Tracy Jordan, and all my sad feelings about 30 Rock ending came rushing back to me. Is it too late for a reunion episode? Or a movie?

Tracy starts the interview with a little dancing. Unfortunately he doesn't keep it going on too long and then fall asleep in his chair like Tracy Jordan did on Conan. But if he did that we wouldn't get any of the amazing gems he offers in the rest of the interview. He starts out by saying, “We go back like spinal cords and car seats,” something he said once on 30 Rock. (I originally thought he said “spider cords,” but this is much less scary.) Jimmy's bewildered yet accepting expression sums it up pretty well. I expected Tracy to start shouting for Dr. Spaceman at any minute throughout this interview.

Then there's his conspiracy theory that the Pope retired because he was fed up with people leaving beers on his Bible. And watch the video below to find out his supposed connection to Lindsay Lohan's April Fool's joke.

As usual with Jimmy Fallon's interviews, half the fun is watching Jimmy's reactions to the guests' behavior. From his uncontrollable giggles to the nervous expression he'll get on his face when Tracy says something particularly out there, there's no other talk show host whose reactions I enjoy watching more. Which is why I can't wait for him to move earlier in the night so I'm more likely to stay up and watch him.

The second part of the interview includes Tracy's signature paternity jokes, this time about Charlton Heston. They're a bit overdone, but they somehow never get old. In this video you also get to watch him rant about the upcoming Star Wars sequels. He also thinks orangutans are poisonous because of something Lorne Michaels told him, and he wants to get a shark… You should just watch the video. And then sign my petition to get a 30 Rock variety show on TV that includes periodic shots of Jimmy Fallon giggling in the audience. Please and thank you.

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