Toy Story Recut As A Horror Movie Manages To Make Toys Coming To Life Even Scarier

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Toy Story Woody

Sometimes you revisit your favorite childhood movies and TV shows as an adult and realize they were a lot darker/scarier/creepier/WTF-ier than you remember them being. And sometimes it takes someone recutting that movie or TV show in the style of a horror movie to fully drive that point home. Like this video of Toy Story as a horror film, by Bobby Burns, who also recently brought you Frozen as a horror film. Bobby Burns, causing us to reevaluate children's movies one parody video at a time.

If you think about it, Toy Story‘s not that far off from the horror genre to begin with. I mean, we have a all those Chucky movies to play on the fear of toys coming to life and killing you, but when Disney/Pixar does it suddenly we think it's just cute and playful and whimsical and fun. Except for the Sid parts, which somehow freak me out even more as an adult than they did as a kid. Possibly because I have more episodes of American Horror Story under my belt now.

But even aside from the toys-coming-to-life aspect and the evil child storyline, this video's version of the movie sheds light on a part of the story no one talks enough about. That would be Woody's dark jealousy. Let's not forget that all the other toys believe he murdered Buzz Lightyear. Murder. In a kid's movie about toys. We of course know he didn't murder him, but there's no denying he's got a case of the crazy eyes sometimes. And why were the toys so quick to assume he was a killer? Has he killed other toys? Before you spend the rest of the day analyzing an animated film for signs the main toy character is a serial killer, just watch this video and get an idea.

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