‘Toy Story 3’ Apparently Best Movie, Ever (Or At Least In Top 10)

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I love Pixar, but oddly enough I have no desire to see Toy Story 3 (sorry, Tim Allen and Tom Hanks and childhood and puppies and everything good about the world). I am also alone in that sentiment. Even those among us who make a career guzzling Haterade for everything in pop culture love Toy Story 3. As Best Week Ever pointed out, it is currently #8  in a list of the top 250 movies of all time, as voted by IMDB users. To be fair, IMDB users are not necessarily the best judge of a film's quality or timelessness, but it is a very good gauge at determining what a subsection of the populace (rabid movie fans…not to be confused with film nerds or film snobs) considers top-notch.

But my question is: Did anyone see Toy Story 2? I don't remember it being that huge of a deal, in the “Everything Pixar makes is gold” sort of way. It kind of went under the radar as a kid's movie. So in that way sure, the Toy Story trilogy does bear some similarities to one of the other most beloved franchised of all times: Star Wars.