Here’s That Downton Abbey/Police Procedural You Were Begging Jon Hamm To Narrate

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Tough Justice Downton Abbey Michelle Dockery Funny or Die Parody

Remember that time you woke up in a panic in the middle of the night out of fear that Funny or Die would never create some kind of Downton Abbey parody about Lady Mary Crawley becoming Lady Policewoman Crawley? Well you can finally calm down because it happened! And to top your viral video sundae off with a cherry, I'll go ahead and tell you that Jon Hamm narrates the whole thing. Why? Ugh, you and your stupid questions. That's like asking why he doesn't wear underwear on set. Just appreciate it. Curiosity killed the cat. (Also is there a show yet about a cat serial killer named Curiosity who runs away killing cats? If not, I call dibs on starring in it.)

If you're anything like me and you struggle to differentiate the cast of Downton Abbey from the actors who play them, you'll just love this parody! You see, Michelle Dockery plays a character who I like to call Lady Olivia Benson. She's a hard-nosed detective with the good sense to put on her white gloves before getting down and dirty with evidence. She plays opposite Detective StandardCopProcedural (Michael Chiklis).

As you can probably guess, her unorthodox detective practices drive him crazy.With love. Or so I assume. If I've learned anything from watching rom-coms over and over again, it's that opposite attract. But only after fighting for the first 2/3 of the movie. So if Tough Justice gets picked up and turned into a real show (all my fingers crossed), we can definitely expect a little romance. And hey, maybe this time her partner won't die on her at a critical point in the plot. Yes, I'm STILL mad about that.