Totally Clevver Pranks Justin Bieber Fans For April Fool’s Day

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Here's a prank we like a whole lot better than the Ariana Grande nude pic scandal. On this week's episode of Totally Clevver, hosts Traci Stumpf and Jarrett Sleeper take to the streets of Hollywood to spread some juicy gossip about your favorite celebrities – gossip that just happens to be totally untrue. Happy April Fool's Day, guys!

In this episode, the prankster hosts take some wildly fake gossip pieces and spill the details to some unsuspecting fans. Will these fans want to see the fake Keeping Up With The Kardashians: The Movie? (Kris Jenner, do not get any ideas.) How will fans react when they learn that Justin Bieber has just announced his engagement to Miley Cyrus? Apparently differently than I would have, because had I thought that was true, I would have ran away to find the nearest bomb shelter, as this is the final sign of the apocalypse.

Check out the new episode below to see how people react to this April Fool's Day prank.