Tori Spelling Gave Birth To A Hairy Egg

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Tori Spelling had her fourth baby with husband Dean McDermott over the weekend, and as soon as she'd wiped off the afterbirth, she pulled out her iPhone and Instagram-ed her bundle of joy for everyone to see. Is it a boy? A girl? Wait, no, it's…an egg! A hairy egg! Mazel tov!!!

As you can see from the picture, Tori is “so in love” with her egg baby that she's going to give him all the opportunities she, Aaron Spelling‘s daughter, never had. She'll swaddle him in the finest of cloths, send him to the finest schools, and someday, maybe, if he's lucky, he'll make it into an omelette that will be eaten by Shannon Doherty. Maybe even Keri Russell. It's important to reach for the stars.

Just kidding, Tori's baby is a tiny human named Finn Davey McDermott and he is not for eating, no matter how delicious and egg-like he may look. But she sure could've fooled us.

(Via Tori Spelling)