Top 5 Emmy Award Smackdowns And Snubs

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The Primetime Emmy Award nominations are here! And Glee nabbed a bunch. That's awesome and all, but let's bypass the kudos and round up the snubs, shall we? And while we're at it, we'll list the biggest smackdowns, starting with …

1. Matthew Morrison Vs. Michael Scott: The brillow-headed Matt M. is up for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy for Glee; Michael Scott – er, Steve CARELL – is nominated in the SAME category. Who will win? While Drew hates Matthew with an undying passion that I don't quite understand, I'll have to go with Mr. Schue because he's new and everyone loves a rookie on a top-rated show! That said, Steve is the most nuanced comic actor working today – but his time will come next year, after he leaves The Office nest.

2. Zach Gilford and Friday Night Lights: There is no excuse to snub Zach, aka “Saracen” for his stellar, wrenching work on Friday Night Lights – we're certain the good people at Popeater, who have a campaign to win him an Emmy, are none too pleased. At least Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton were recognized. Still. Enough Dexter and serial killer crap! More FNL! Real people, real problems, and hot people too. It's not ALL about the football. It's about life. Watch it with Kleenex.

3.  Ben Linus versus John Locke: Worlds are colliding! Creepy-awesome Michael Emerson (Ben) is competing against fellow Lost-ie Terry O'Quinn (Locke, duh) in the best-supporting-actor-in-a-drama slot, and we don't know who will win this smackdown because we lurve them both, and each is equally deserving. Thoughts?? (Our money's on Terry because he was SO good I could easily tell the difference between Good Locke and Bad Locke. And Final Season Ben Linus was kind of a wuss).

4. No Real Housewives: Not only has American Idol NOT won in the Outstanding Reality-Competition category, but Amazing Race wins every damn year. BORING!! With the exception of this past season with winner Lee Dewyze, American Idol is the greatest and most important reality show of all time for reasons I'll explain later. But the Real Housewives, snubbed from this slot!? Bravo's hit franchise of catfights, delusions and status anxiety embodies the word “competition.” Someone ought to give the Real Housewives their own category with the cities competing against each other. New York would win, hands down, thanks to Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon.

5. Charlie Sheen MIA: Finally! The Emmy heard my prayers! Charlie Sheen is NOT nominated for Two And A Half Men this year. Who wants to reward an entitled chauvinist douche-hat?