Video: The Avengers Star Tom Hiddleston’s Velociraptor Impression Will Make You Love Him Even More

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With The Avengers chock full of beefy, snarky, hot superheroes, it’s come as something of a surprise that villain Tom Hiddleston has also managed to ensnare the movie’s female audiences. As power-hungry god Loki he may have been a bit pale and twitchy, but in real life Hiddleston is so charming. This video recently surfaced on Tumblr: It’s Hiddleston chatting with critics in advance of last year’s War Horse, about his personal experience of seeing Steven Spielberg‘s Jurassic Park for the first time.

Hiddleston waxes nostalgic about, as a twelve-year-old, chugging so much Coca-Cola during the previews that he literally had to piss himself during the movie’s thrilling sequences of the T-Rex stalking the poor humans locked in the park with the dinosaurs run amok. OK, you might say, that’s sweet enough, but a pretty normal anecdote. Well, let me finish! Hiddleston cements his cute geek status by telling another story from adulthood: While performing in his first professional theater job, he and his co-star recreated the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park where the velociraptors are chasing the kids.

Sadly, Hiddleston doesn’t seem like the kind of famewhoring celebrity who would haphazardly tweet out this video he’s teased us with… but if you stick around long enough, you do get a taste of his raptor impression. Seriously! He is just the cutest.

[via The Mary Sue]