Tom Hiddleston And Stephen Colbert Singing A Duet Will Charm Your Pants Off

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Tom Hiddleston and Stephen Colbert Singing a Duet Will Charm Your Pants Off Tom Hiddleston and Stephen Colbert sing 2016 gif

Stephen Colbert and Tom Hiddleston are both charming individuals in their own right, so when you put them in a room together it’s guaranteed to be the most charming interaction to ever occur. Especially if that interaction involves singing. And since Tom was on The Late Show to promote his role as country singer Hank Williams in the new movie I Saw the Light, obviously Stephen had him sing for the audience. It’ll perk you up better than a cup of coffee. (Unless you’re like really, really tired, in which case go ahead and have the coffee too. It goes great with charm, I’ve found.)

Tom doesn’t seem too interested in singing at first, telling everyone they can see him sing in the movie. But Stephen Colbert is not here for that, my friends. He’s all, “Yeah, sure you won’t sing,” but in his head he’s already concocting a plan. That plan is to just start with the titular song “I Saw the Light” on his own and then encourage Tom to join in. And really, anyone would be hopeless to resist a duet with Stephen Colbert. If I ever met him, he’d probably have to ask me to stop singing.

Tom quickly starts to enjoy himself, and so did I. Even though they were singing about Jesus, which is low on my personal list of favorite song topics, I was totally into it. That’s the magic of people like Stephen Colbert and Tom Hiddleston, everyone. They can make even a heathen like me enjoy a song about Jesus. In fact, I think Stephen Colbert could lead a sing-along with the Duggars and I’d be into it. Okay, so that’s debatable. Colbert’s charming, but there are limits, you know? And those limits are usually the Duggars.

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