Tom Hiddleston Does Pitch-Perfect Impressions Of His The Avengers Co-Star Chris Evans And Owen Wilson

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Tom Hiddleston impressions video Chris Evans Owen Wilson Alan Rickman

OK, I officially have a crush on Tom Hiddleston. I really tried not to, because I found his Avengers character Loki smarmy and greasy, and to be honest, I have enough celebrity dream boyfriends on my roster. But the artist on my webcomic (and a dear friend) keeps sending me .gifs and videos of the guy… and I'm smitten.

It turns out Tom is really good at impressions. Like, most of his Avengers press tour was taken up with people begging him to whip out his best take on his co-stars. In this short compilation alone, you've got him conjuring up Alan Rickman‘s bored drawl, poking fun at Chris Evans‘ surfer-boy accent while he complains about Chris Hemsworth being uber-buff—and his Owen Wilson? My God, it's superb. Back before Tom went mainstream, he played F. Scott Fitzgerald in last year's Midnight in Paris and obviously picked up some fun set stories. It's as if you get five times as many actors in one video!

OK, OK, here's one more for you guys: Watch Tom do Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Will Smith, and even little American kids who go all bug-eyed when they see Tom and Chris Hemsworth at the movie theater.

Photo: Away!/PR Photos