Tom Hiddleston Is So Dreamy We’d Listen To Him Talk About Anything, Even His Favorite Drink

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Tom Hiddleston GQ UK November 2012 quotes favorite drink Thor: The Lost World Chris HemsworthYou know that phrase, you'd listen to so-and-so reading from a telephone book? I didn't appreciate the truth of it before I started crushing on Tom Hiddleston. To be fair, at first I figured that this was typical celebrity worship where there was at least some substance. Like, my friends would send me GIFs of him being some mix of adorable, sexy, and crazy. Or I'd check out his twitpics from the Avengers set and be swept away by show sensitive he seems to fans' needs. Like I said, usually he does something to merit me squeeing.

GQ UK caught up with him in London where he's promoting the Jameson-Empire Done In Sixty Seconds short film competition. Tom is an “ambassador” for the festival, natch, and is part of the BFC Menswear Committee. Swanky, swanky. He's also been shooting Thor: The Dark World in Iceland and elsewhere, which warms my heart to see him so busy.

The funny thing is, though Tom was as charming as ever in this interview, he didn't really say anything new about The Avengers or Thor 2. Instead, he shared plenty about himself, including what the soundtrack of his life would be and what's his favorite drink. Now, I wouldn't usually reblog an interview simply to talk about what alcohol an actor likes to throw back. But there's something so… classy about how Tom outlines his thought process where it comes to refreshments. Read for yourself:

“When I'm at home, and I'm not just saying this, I'm very partial to a Jameson on ice. When the nights draw in it's nice to come home, tinkle a few ice cubes in a tumbler, pour a little Jameson in and watch a movie. But if I'm going out, I'll probably have a vodka tonic—either Kettel or Grey Goose. Actually in Iceland there was a great vodka called Reyka. We would shoot on this dormant volcano, then we'd come back when the sun went down. It was really cold — sub zero already — and I'd order a Reyka and tonic with a squeeze of lime, then go and sit in the hot tub and wait for the Northern Lights to roll in.”

In one paragraph, Tom has laid out two dream dates: Watching a movie at home and hot-tubbing while staring at the Northern Lights. And you have no doubt that it would be as smooth as the drinks he describes. From anyone else, “tinkle a few ice cubes in a tumbler” would sound like a euphemism, but from Tom it's downright poetic. Also, how cool is the latter image, of hanging out in the warm water while you watch the night sky light up? Well, it's always been a dream for me to see the Northern Lights. Come to think of it, it's also a dream to hang out with Tom Hiddleston. Could kill two birds with one stone…

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