Tom Hiddleston Embracing Feminism Will Make Your Heart Go All Aflutter

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Tom Hiddleston Embracing Feminism Will Make Your Heart Go All Aflutter Tom Hiddleston smiling GIF gifI’m really starting to wonder if I have a turn-on bigger than ‘celebrity dudes who identify with the feminist movement’, because Tom Hiddleston just did it, and I’m about two seconds away from writing his name in hearts on my binder.

As we’ve had pointed out time and time again, Hollywood seems to be a very difficult place to be a feminist, as everyone from Katy Perry to Pharrell to Lana Del Rey has made a point of resisting the label. Which is why it’s so lovely and refreshing to see Emma Watson so eloquently join her voice to the fight against gender inequality in her speech for the United Nations, and equally lovely and refreshing to see how warmly Tom Hiddleston has embraced it!

After she premiered the #HeForShe campaign in her speech, Tom responded today with one of the most lovely, complimentary tweets I’ve ever seen in all my livelong days.

Impeccable and extraordinary, you guys. I would like to be impeccable and extraordinary. Those are like, my ideal adjectives. I have a feeling that first I’d need to own an ironing board and be able to keep a plant alive for more than three months, but dare to dream, right?

I just think it’s so great that not only is Tom committing to the movement, but that he’s doing so proudly, as if he’s honored to be a part of something so great. It’s how I feel too, so it’s just another topic that we can discuss in my frequent daydreams about him.

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