Tom Hiddleston Is Making Family Guy A Hundred Times Funnier By Graciously Guest-Starring

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Tom Hiddleston Is Making Family Guy A Hundred Times Funnier By Graciously Guest Starring ehehehe jpg

Seeing as I stopped watching Family Guy in 2007, I have no idea what’s going on with the Griffins in Quahog. However, I do know that Seth MacFarlane‘s flagging sitcom is about to get a much-needed visit from one of the sexiest geek stars today, Tom Hiddleston! The giggling Brit revered for playing Loki — not to mention just wrapping up the TV movie double feature Henry IV and Henry V — will guest-star on an upcoming episode alongside fellow fantasy actor Sean Bean.

I know, it’s a pretty classy get for Family Guy, but even with only a few details known it still sounds as if the two have been having a lot of fun. Hiddleston told TotalFilm that he recently finished recording his part, and that his and Bean’s characters are “cut from the same cloth.” They probably won’t play themselves since it’s not quite the same audience, but maybe they’ll draw on their recognizable geeky characters for some sort of high-fantasy episode where Stewie and Brian go to return the One Ring to Mount Doom. Yes, I can see it now, with that “oh hiiii” guy as Gollum!

No, more likely they’ll pop in as seemingly normal characters—Peter’s coworkers, or someone Lois has a crush on. And if that’s not enough good news, Hiddles also taped three whole episodes of the much funnier show Adult Swim. So we now have four opportunities for him to do his beloved “ehehehe” laugh you see above.

Photo: ihearthiddles on Tumblr