This Tom Hiddleston Acceptance Speech Is So Adorable You’ll Suspect He Isn’t Real

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Tom Hiddleston Elle Man of the Year 2014

Tom Hiddleston is becoming so amazingly, unceasingly adorable that it's almost frightening. Like, how is it possible that God created someone that attractive, charming, talented and consistently nice and made sure he looks dapper in every suit he wears? It's simply a miracle. Watch the acceptance speech Tom gave at last night's Elle Style Awards and you'll understand what I'm talking about, once you're finished smiling like a goofball. He simply can't be real.

Tom won the Man of the Year Award, but he couldn't make it to accept the honor in person, so instead he recorded an appreciative video message, which was apparently recorded at midnight, hence why he looks a bit out-of-it (in the most handsome way). Tom's lovably flustered and possibly a little tipsy — he does take a swig of beer at one point — and he has to keep starting over because he just doesn't know what to say. Elle knows that Tom's realness is what makes people love him, so they wisely kept all the awkwardness in. And if you're wondering how he hurt his precious forehead, Elle explains that he was bending down to pick up a bag and someone opened a door on his forehead. I don't know who the door-opener in question was, but they are obviously now public enemy number one.

Tom finally pulls it together and gives his speech, and it's just so genuine and sweet that you'll feel like he's talking directly to you. In fact, it's a lot more fun to watch this video if you pretend that he actually is. Just pretend you're Richard E. Grant, who presented his award. Then you can be like, “Oh Tom, it was nothing. You deserve it all.” And then, I don't know, kiss your computer screen or something. It's not weird, everybody does it sometimes. Shut up.