Tom Hiddleston’s Amazing Dance Moves Are Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

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Tom Hiddleston hips do not lie

I only recently realized how adorably charming Tom Hiddleston is and have been unable to sleep at night wondering how I missed out on this perfectly good crush material all this time. And now today I learned that not only is he handsome and funny and excellent at impressions, but he's also an amazing dancer. As someone who spent most of her high school dances moving her torso awkwardly while trying to avoid getting hit in the face with a rogue hand or shoulder or ass belonging to the more rhythmically inclined people around me, I admire anyone who can get up and show off impressive footwork with total confidence.

And let me tell you, this guy has confidence. During a recent press appearance in Korea, Tom got up and showed off his moves. I'm not sure what the context is, since the video's in Korean. All I know is that suddenly techno music starts blasting and Tom stands up, casually adjusts his perfectly tailored suit like the dashing gentleman that he is, and proceeds to make my Wednesday. His dance moves are so powerful that the chair behind him just topples over to make room for his awesomeness, and he has to unbutton his jacket part of the way through, to make it easier for him to dance his way into my heart. Then he just tightens his tie and goes back to being composed and professional.

This video is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And in my case it's pretty much guaranteed to make me want to see the new Thor movie, even though I know next to nothing about superheroes and the name Loki means nada to me, unless we're talking about having a “low-key” evening at home with a DVD and a fresh bag of Oreo cookies. Which is something I'd really like to have with Tom Hiddleston right about now. See? It all comes full circle.

(GIF: Tumblr)