Coming Out To Gerard Butler And Rapping With His Baby: Your Video Gallery Guide To Tom Hardy Way Back When

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Tom Hardy way back when video gallery Candy Chops Star Trek: Nemesis rapping with baby Louis

It was over ten years ago that Tom Hardy got his big break in Black Hawk Down, but many people had no idea who this pouty Brit was until the recent trifecta of Inception, This Means War, and of course The Dark Knight Rises. Yesterday VH1 unearthed a great video of Tom's screen test for Star Trek: Nemesis, where he played a villain just as chilling and snarly as Bane—and opposite Patrick Stewart, no less!

But it got us thinking: This man has been in “the biz” since 2001, which means there must be plenty of video gems from before he was a household name and had his own Tumblr following. So, join us on a trip down memory lane, through Tom's modeling days, bright hoodies, rapping to his baby (I KNOW), and even an American accent. After you've checked out these videos, you'll know “Gotham's reckoning” better than anyone.

Unaired Candy Chops pilot

I bet you didn't know that in 2007 Tom and his writing partner Charlotte Riley were shopping around a Curb Your Enthusiasm-style show! His character here is part wanksta, part Andy Samberg‘s soft-spoken “Shy Ronnie” persona. How was this not picked up??

Star Trek: Nemesis Screen Test

This video mashes up the actual footage from the movie with Tom's screen test opposite Captain Picard himself. I've seen other screen tests where you can't really envision the context of the movie because it's so bare bones, but it's insane how much of the villain Shinzon you get even before all the bells and whistles are in place.

2002 interview

Nemesis is actually the only Star Trek movie I've seen in theaters, and it was a stinker. The whole reveal about Shinzon being a clone of Picard was pretty obvious from the get-go, and I don't remember it contributing much to the overall canon otherwise. Still, it propelled Tom forward enough that he was doing press junket interviews like this. You have to admire him for honestly admitting that he was not a Star Trek fan before he got the role.

“Naughty Boy” fan video

This homemade vid is the pinnacle of ridiculousness, and rather jerky, but it takes you through plenty of old photos and footage of Tom before he was really famous. Plus, this song fits him oh so well.

Tom's American accent

It's a short bit, but jarring to see the actor speaking what he thinks we Yanks sound like. Which reminds me—does Bane have an American accent, or something foreign but non-British? My friends and I have been constantly debating that.

Coming out to Gerard Butler

Diehard Tom Hardy fans will point to performances like this, in 2008's RocknRolla. At a crucial point in the movie, on Handsome Bob's (Hardy) last night of freedom, he ends up confessing that he's actually gay and has a crush on his friend One-Two (Butler). It's a tender, realistic scene that makes us ache for poor Bob. And then they end up slow-dancing at the end!

Rapping with baby Louis

WHAT IS THIS I CAN'T EVEN. Chris Hemsworth, eat your heart out.

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