If Anyone’s Going To Teach Us About Animal Trafficking, It’s Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, And Tom Hardy

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When celebrities take up causes on film, you have to expect them to be oddly specific. In 2009, Hayden Panettiere and other celebrities tried to save Japanese dolphins in the documentary The Cove; a few years before that, Leonardo DiCaprio went even further and starred in the self-explanatory drama Blood Diamond. Now, Leo is back with a new passion: Animal trafficking. He's teaming up with his lifelong buddy and The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire to create a film that's like Steven Soderbergh‘s Traffic, except it's about how poaching in Africa leads to animal fur on the runways in Paris. But the most interesting part is, Leo and Tobey aren't the masterminds—Tom Hardy is.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tom was inspired by friends who are former Special Forces operatives, who went on to become anti-poaching fighters in South Africa. Why they don't just make a movie about those guys is beyond me! It'd be like The Expendables, only the muscled men are fighting for a good cause. They could even bring back some of the cast, like Liam Hemsworth. Anyway, there's no word yet on what the plot will be, or even if Leo, Tobey, and Tom will actually act in it.

Good for Tom for parlaying his rising fame (thanks to playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, among other recent roles) into activism! It's like we were telling Sam Claflin yesterday, this is the perfect time to funnel people's increased attention on you, toward causes that you believe in. Really, Tom should just cast himself as one of these badass, poacher-chasing operatives.

I bet Leo is wiping a tear from his eye, so proud of his buddy for taking on his very first bit of activism. They grow up so fast…

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