You’ll Never Guess Which Disney Character Tom Hardy’s Bane Sounds Like

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Tom Hardy Bane voice Zazu The Lion King "Just Can't Wait to Be King" The Dark Knight Rises Reddit

Bane is on everyone's minds this week! Whether it's the original sketches for his mask, or the massive redubbing poor Tom Hardy had to do. For the most part, The Dark Knight Rises audiences agreed that the new Bane voice resembled Sean Connery, but there are a couple outliers who've come up with entirely different influences. Most of them I dismiss, but this one from Reddit shocked me because of how spot-on it was. A Redditor posted in r/movies that after talking with a friend, s/he realized that a specific Disney character actually matches up pretty well with Bane's muffled, weirdly jaunty speech.

Yep, that's Zazu from The Lion King! It's really only the very ending of “Just Can't Wait to Be King,” when Mufasa's adviser has been smushed under a rhino. Even from the first listen, his voice sounds crazily like Bane telling the citizens of Gotham about the nuclear bomb and the hidden trigger. Or rather, you have to wonder if Tom Hardy were watching old Disney movies with his adorable baby son Louis and happened upon this moment.

Or am I completely off?

Photo: Warner Bros.