Here’s Everything The Dark Knight Rises Didn’t Tell You About Bane’s Backstory, Including That Nasty Back Scar

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Tom Hardy Bane backstory back scar mask The Dark Knight Rises Lindy HemmingIt seems kind of odd that all this behind-the-scenes info is coming out regarding Bane, the central villain from The Dark Knight Rises. We've seen early concept sketches of his mask, we've watched videos comparing his indecipherable voice before and after redubbing, and now we just got a ton of juicy info on his backstory. But why wasn't this in the movie? Sure, TDKR clocked in at nearly three hours, but Christopher Nolan must have been able to predict that Tom Hardy‘s character would be one of the more compelling aspects of the movie. Instead, we were left with a fantastically transformative performance but a lot of questions about Bane.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool, then, for picking out this great quote from GQ‘s recent interview with The Dark Knight Rises‘ costume designer Lindy Hemming. Aside from discussing Bane's slammin' pimp jacket, she provides a startling amount of insight into several deleted scenes. Well, we can only hope that they got cut but will wind up on the DVD, because they tell you all about his backstory. (If you haven't already stopped reading, spoilers up ahead.) Those who have seen the movie know that Bane suffers unspeakable horrors in that foreign prison, including being infected by some sort of plague by the other prisoners after he helps little Talia escape.

Weirdly enough, Hemming hadn't even seen the final version of the movie by the time she did this interview after the U.S. release, but here's what she said about these flashback scenes:

GQ: What!? You haven't seen the movie yet? 
Lindy Hemming: It's not out in England yet, but the other thing that you should have seen during that sequence is him being injured in his youth. So one of the fundamental things about his costume is that he has this scar from the back injury. Even if he hasn't got the bulletproof vest on, he still has to wear the waist belt and the braces. In that scene in the prison, where he's learning to fight the same way Batman learned to fight, he's wearing an early version of his waist belt. It's showing support, but it's not the finished one he eventually wears. He's also wearing an early version of his gas mask, all glued together.

Tom Hardy Bane backstory back scar mask The Dark Knight Rises Lindy Hemming

I can't be the only one who noticed Bane's gruesome spinal scar, right? Of course that's ironic considering how he wrecks Batman's back, and frustrating since it wasn't addressed at all. I know that Nolan likes to ground his characters' origin stories in realism, so we don't have Anne Hathaway getting resurrected by a bunch of supernatural cats, or Tom Hardy getting pumped with Venom every twelve hours to stay alive. But I would have liked to actually know that he's walking around for the whole movie with braces holding his scary muscled form together! It would've added so many layers to his character, not to mention explaining why he always had his hands up at his chest.

Hemming shares more about poor Bane getting his licks in prison:

GQ: I remember one scene where we see his face covered in bandages, is this what you're referring to? 
Lindy Hemming: Well, if you look at the film, unless they've cut it—and I'm sure they haven't—there's a whole early section for Tom Hardy where he's fighting and being taunted by people. He's got chains on him, and he's standing on a wooden thing while people are attacking him. And in that scene, he's wearing a much more ragged, primitive version of the mask.

GQ: I think that Bane scene must've been cut…
Lindy Hemming: Well that's an awful shame, but I suppose you have to cut things. I won't elaborate on it too much, because it isn't in the film, but there was another section that showed you why he had the mask and where it came from.

“Oh, you know, Bane's mask isn't all that important, so let's just cut that bit.” What were the editors thinking? They definitely could've shaved a few minutes from the ponderous first hour and given more time to the Bane flashbacks.

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