And Now, A Misogynistic Message Brought To You By Tom Hanks’ Mega Douche Son Chet Haze

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While I don't know them personally (yet), Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson seem like two of the loveliest people one could find in Hollywood.  The fact that they've been married forever and still seem to be very much in love is just one reason why people love them so much.  It's not their fault they're so popular.  It IS their fault, technically, that their son Chester Hanks (or, as he's known among just himself, “Chet Haze“) is a raging douche kazoo. If for no other reason than they reproduced him and are therefore responsible for his existence. (I can forgive them for associating with Scooter Braun and, therefore by association, Justin Bieber. Ugh.)

Other than being Tom and Rita's son, Chet is known for pretty much absolutely nothing in the actual world. But in his world, he's a rich, entitled, spoiled, obnoxious, laughable, self-proclaimed “white boy rapper.” Which is so weird, because just the other day I was telling zero people how I feel the actual world is tragically lacking that exact demographic! Maybe Chet Haze can also read minds. I'm not sure. I am sure, though, that he's pretty insufferable overall and I actually feel sorry for the Hanks-Wilson family. Other than the character flaws I mentioned earlier, The Problem With Chester is that he's also a sexist asshole who likes to publicly shame women on his Instagram account:

Okay, Chester, I have a MESSAGE! for you: it's all fun and games right now, because you're basically a caricature of a real human being. While you're singling out girls who have rejected you by making fun of them, we're all making fun of you right back. But what's alarming about this is that you're about one or two more “I'm already drunk”s away from sounding like Elliot Rodger and other dangerous, horribly misguided young men who feel they have the right to shame women in that way.  It's not funny. It's not okay. It's actually disappointing and harmful.

If you need me, I'll probably be trolling Chet for the rest of the day with the “#YesAllWomen” hashtag. Will probably throw in a few “#TomHanksWeepsInShame”s for good measure.

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