Tom Hanks + Dad Stache + F-Bomb = Your Morning Giggle

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Is there a soul alive who doesn't like Tom Hanks?  Other than maybe the producers of Toddlers and Tiaras, I mean.  Tom stopped by Good Morning America this morning to promote Cloud Atlas and get chatty with Elizabeth Vargas.  As is the case with most celebrities promoting movies, he was asked to “get into character” like a trained monkey to amuse the middle-aged mom demographic of GMA viewers. 

Prefacing his character impression with, “This will be tricky because mostly it's swear words,” Tom Hanks naturally followed up with an impression that included–according to Ralphie Parker–the queen mother of all swear words, the F dash dash dash dash”:

Look, Tom Hanks is delightful anytime he makes a promo appearance or an SNL cameo and this clip is no different.  Except for one thing: the crusty dad ‘stache he's sporting.  I don't know if it's an ironic mustache because he's feeling a little hipster these days, or maybe he wants to give his son Chet a break from all the attention he's been getting.  Common sense and a quick Google search tell me it's a Walt Disney mustache, because he's shooting a Walt Disney biopic and, coincidentally, playing Walt Disney. 

Speaking of fathers who favor facial hair, I have to give a shout-out to my own pop-culture-loving dad, who rocks a fu manchu better than any other dad I know and is the only reason I know this story even happened: